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The property's history dates back to the late 1600's when it formed part of the 500-acre Dunkale estate. The current Millstad grounds still bear evidence of these older building foundations, including the estate entrance and spring house.

Over the next two hundred years, Dunkale was divided into smaller parcels, and by the mid-1800's, the property that is now Millstad was a working farm. The Great Hall dates from this period, originally a bank barn with thick stone walls, a trussed roof, narrow slit windows, and the cast-iron sounding bell.

By 1908, the property had ceased to be a working farm and became instead a place for children's education and recreation. One acre nearest to Whitaker Mill Road housed the Dunkale School, a one-room schoolhouse that in 1919 boasted 20 students. The Children's Fresh Air Society of Baltimore established a camp on the remaining acreage, offering city children a summer holiday in the countryside. 

Today, weddings at The Millstad can feel the rustic essence the second you walk in the door.  

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